Many people are diagnosed with pre diabetes due to small insulin imbalances, whether it is insulin levels that are too high or too low. It is important for these people to get the right pre diabetic treatment early so that pre diabetes does not turn into full blown diabetes, whether it is type 1 or type 2. There are many different types of treatments available for people who are diagnosed with pre diabetes. Some treatments may be medications, while other treatments may be related to diet and exercise changes. The type of treatment that will be most effective may depend on the insulin problem a person is experiencing and what type of diabetes it resembles.

If people take advantage of pre diabetic treatment early, they may be able to reverse the condition completely. This will significantly reduce the chances of getting diabetes in the near future. However, pre diabetes can return if people do not stick to their lifestyle changes or treatment plan. People who have had problems with their insulin levels in the past should have them regularly checked at physicals by their primary care physician, or more often if recommended by their doctor. This will ensure that the pre diabetes treatment a person is using is still working.


Diet and Exercise for Pre Diabetes


Two of the best ways to reverse pre diabetic conditions are through a healthy diet and exercise routine. A nutritionist or a registered dietician can help someone learn how to change their diet to regulate insulin levels. Some people may even be able to reverse pre diabetes by getting to a healthy weight. Others may need to change their diet and eat less processed foods or sugars. Keeping a food journal daily can help to point out areas that may need work. It may also be beneficial for people to monitor their blood sugar with a meter when first experimenting with their food diet.

Exercise is also a very helpful step in reversing a pre diabetic condition. Getting regular exercise can help to regulate insulin levels, causing them to return to a normal level in the body. Medical professionals and personal trainers can recommend different types of exercise for different people. Many experts will recommend at least some type of exercise daily, even if it is just adding a short, gentle walk to raise the heart rate.