Hands down, the best diabetes treatment is a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. However, there are many other diabetes treatments to consider when looking for the best. This article will explore different types of treatment options to help you receive the best options possible.

As far as medications go, there is no single treatment which is best for everyone. Each person must be looked at individually. Some medications stimulate the release of insulin in our bodies, while others inhibit the release of glucose from the liver. Some common diabetes medications that cause few side effects are Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors. These include Acarbose and Miglitol. They work by slowing the breakdown of starches and sugar.

Consumerreports.org has selected Metformin, Metformin Sustained Release, Glipizide, Glipizide Sustained release, and Glimepiride as the ‘Health Best Buy Drugs’ for diabetes. In choosing they took into account effectiveness, safety, dosing, and cost. When choosing diabetes drugs, be sure to have your doctor go over the types of drugs with you, their pros and cons, and what is best for you.


Best Treatment for Diabetes


There are many herbal remedies that diabetics take as alternative or complementary treatments for diabetes. Out of all of the herbal treatments for diabetes cinnamon seems to be the best diabetes treatment. It has been shown time and again in research studies to reduce high blood sugar levels. It is fairly safe; however, people with liver problems should not take it too much because it does not filter well. It is helpful in both type 1 and 2 diabetes, as well as gestational diabetes. With as little as 5 grams a day added to a meal or made into tea you can prevent your blood sugar from reach a high peak.

Yoga may be the best alternative treatment for controlling diabetes. This is because it works in several ways against symptoms of the disease. Regular practice of yoga reduces blood sugar levels and provides great aerobic exercise. It also helps to improve blood pressure, reduce weight, and reduce stress. Studies have shown that it reduces the rate or progression of the complications of diabetes, as well as making them less severe (YogaPoint.com, 2010).


Best Diabetes Treatment in India


The Indian Task Force on Diabetes Care in India is formed of a group of 300 practicing doctors that have an interest in Diabetes. It also has an International Advisory board that consists of members of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO). These members are working together to design the best diabetes treatment plans possible. They aim to put together a complete infrastructure involving “attention to prevention as well as making diabetes care ‘Available, Accessible and Affordable’ to all persons with diabetes” (DiabetesIndia.com, 2011). This shows India may soon be home to the best diabetes treatment available.