It is important to know that the National Committee for Quality Assurance has a Diabetes Physician Recognition program which recognizes physicians which deliver consistent high quality care. This is a voluntary program; it uses 10 measures which cover areas such as:

  • HvA1c control
  • Blood Pressure control
  • LDL control
  • Eye examination
  • Nephropathy Assessment
  • Smoking Status and cessation advice or treatment


This Diabetes Recognition Program (DRP) allows a diabetes physician to show their peers, patients, and the diabetes community that they are part of an elite group which is publicly recognized for providing the highest levels of diabetes care. This program is co-branded with the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

By visiting the, you can find nearby doctors who have been recognized by the program. You can search by state or specialty. When you find a diabetes physician or a group name that you are interested in; just click on their name and you will find their contact information, education, training, areas of clinical interest, and other details.


Finding a Physician for Diabetes


There are actually a number of websites which you can visit when searching for a diabetes physician. Researching these physicians before making an appointment will help to assure that you are getting the diabetes treatment which best suits your needs. Before making any appointments with a new diabetes physician, try browsing the following websites: – this diabetes website provides many resources to diabetes patients, including helping you to find a diabetes physician. In addition, you can search for diabetes management programs, support groups, education classes, and resources to help you save money in diabetes. – this is a website that provides consumer ratings for Doctors, Dentists, and Hospitals. On this website it is easy to find a diabetes physician that is nearby. In fact, you can search in a radius which is as small as 10 miles from your home. In addition to ratings made by patients, you can look at certifications, licenses, and specialties of each diabetes physician. – this is another great website which allows you to compare physicians for diabetes. This website actually provides you with a report for each physician that you want to compare. Obviously, this site will provide you with more in-depth information on the diabetes physician that you are looking into. This site allows you to compare physicians two or more at a time and offers advice on what to consider when searching for a doctor.