Diabetic physician is a broad term. Determining what kinds of doctors persons affected with diabetes should see depends partly on the type of diabetes they have. Besides a primary doctor, those affected by diabetes should consider other types of specialized doctors in the field. However, none of these should be intended to replace a primary care provider who is responsible for giving regular checkups. Along with a primary care provider, an important diabetic physician to se regularly is an endocrinologist. These doctors have been specially trained in the area of diabetes and can work with your primary doctor to keep your personal condition under control.

A registered dietician is also essential when it comes to your diabetic physician team. This person will help determine your individual food needs based on your type of diabetes and the effects it has on you specifically. Eating habits are so important for diabetics to maintain. By monitoring what they eat on a daily basis, diabetics can drastically lower their chances of experiencing many of the complications associated with the disease. They take into consideration a person’s weight, lifestyle and medications currently being taken. They also help assess other goals regarding personal health, including the lowering of blood pressure and/or blood fat levels.

Because diabetics are commonly susceptible to eye problems, visits to an eye doctor should become routine for anyone who has been diagnosed with the disease. An optometrist is the most common type of eye doctor. They are able to spot certain problems in the eye and should be seen on an annual basis at minimum. An ophthalmologist is a good person to include as a diabetic physician because they can treat eye problems with medication as well as surgery when necessary.

Bad circulation is associated with diabetes, affecting the feet and lower legs. Therefore, a podiatrist can be useful because they are specifically trained to treat problems in these areas of the body. Also, nerve damage can present itself in the extremities of diabetics. This makes podiatrists all the more beneficial for a person with diabetes. Diabetics also have a higher risk of obtaining gum disease and should make routine visits to the dentist at least twice a year. The reason why diabetics are more susceptible to gum disease is because they have extra blood sugar in the mouth that can provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

Physical fitness cannot be stressed enough for people with diabetes. A physical trainer is a very helpful diabetic physician because they can help motivate patients to stay in shape. With their expertise, they can help with the formulation of a fitness regimen. They will also be able to target the safest conditioning methods for people affected with diabetes.