One of the most beneficial diabetes solutions is awareness of the disease. Currently 23.6 million people have diabetes in the United States alone. From this number it is estimated that 5.7 million of these people have not yet been diagnosed. For the diabetic, their family, and their friends, what one learns about diabetes can be the difference in life or death. However, if there were more awareness on a public scale many diabetes cases could have been avoided in the first place.

Lifestyle choices are other diabetes solutions that can be addressed both before and after the onset of diabetes. Keeping the body balanced with the right amounts of nutrients and physical activity is essential to anyone’s health, particularly the diabetic. Exercise has been found to be one of the best diabetic solutions, even reversing or preventing the disease in many cases. Exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day should be a major goal for anyone search for diabetes solutions.


Diabetes Natural Solutions


When searching for diabetes solutions, you cannot overlook the most obvious one of all: diet. In diabetes it is not only about what you eat, but how much you eat and when you eat it. Making wise food choices will help you to feel good every day, keep a healthy weight, and lower your risks of conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

As a diabetic your diet should consist of mainly fruits and vegetable. Beware of starchy vegetables however, and fruits with added sugar. Meat and nuts are a healthy source of protein and should be eaten daily. Foods high in fiber are great solutions to diabetes as well. Avoid foods high in starches, carbohydrates, and refined sugars. There have been numerous cases were people have overcame diabetes by cutting out all forms of carbohydrates completely.

When looking for solutions, diabetes natural remedies may be very helpful. One widely used natural remedy for diabetes is flaxseed oil. Studies have shown that flaxseed oil, and other essential fatty acids can repair cell damage caused by years of high sugar consumption. Eating alfalfa seeds is one of the most helpful diabetes solutions as well. It has been known to lower blood sugar levels for diabetics. Finally, cinnamon has been found to be quite helpful in regulating blood sugar levels, increasing insulin production in the body, and helping to reduce appetite. Always consult a doctor, however, when considering the use of these natural diabetes solutions.