Several new diabetic medications have come out over the last few years. One can tell that great strides have been made in the development and improvement of diabetic new medicine. This article will look at new diabetic medicines both approved and unapproved by the FDA.

One recently approved diabetic new medicine is Victoza. It is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes adults. This drug helps to lower blood sugar levels and is meant to be used alongside of diet, exercise, and other diabetes medications. One of the drugs most popular features is that it only has to be injected once a day. An oral form of this drug is currently in the making.

Another drug which has recently been approved by the FDA is Tradjenta. It works by blocking the DPP-4. This causes the release of insulin-boosting hormones, which of course helps to control blood sugar. The diabetic new medicine can be used by itself, or in combination with other (older) diabetic drugs such as metformin.

Byetta is an injectable medication. Many people mistake it for insulin because it comes in a pre-filled injector pen. In fact, it is only used in type 2 diabetes and should not be taken with insulin. It is to be taken twice a day, 60 minutes prior to your morning and evening meals. Normally, each pen contains 5 mcg, but the doctor may increase the dosage to 10 mcg.


Diabetic New Medicine Classifications


Not only are new diabetic medications being rapidly created, some new drug classifications have been arising as well. With new techniques of diabetes treatment emerging, people are optimistic about the future of diabetes. Treatments are getting easier and more manageable, as well as more effective. New classifications of diabetic new medication are:

DPP-4 Inhibitors – As was mentioned above, this group of drugs work by blocking the enzyme (DPP-4) which deactivates the protein that keeps insulin circulating in the blood. This helps to reduce sugar reduction and lowers blood glucose.

IncretinMimetics – This group of diabetic new medicine got its name because it mimics the action of incretin hormones. This helps the body to produce more insulin, while also lowering appetite by slowing the rate of digestion.

Antihyperglycemic Synthetic Analogs– These drugs were created as synthetic versions of humans substances. One such diabetic new medication replaces the hormone amylin. Amylin is used by the pancreas to lower blood glucose levels. One example of this type of this type of drug is Symlin, which helps to control blood sugar better.