Affected persons can benefit from a homeopathic cure for diabetes. Homeopathy is a scientifically based system designed to cure diseases by giving an infected person a given substance that would normally produce symptoms of the condition in a healthy person. On the contrary, when given to a person affected with a specific disease, the results can be quite the opposite. We see this principle used with the issue of vaccines to prevent diseases.

Homeopathic cure for diabetes has been successful in a number of cases. According to Julia M. Green, M.D., the success of a homeopathic cure depends largely on how far tissue change has taken place at the time that treatment starts. In her practice, Green has noticed that diabetic patients who are accustomed to receiving insulin in large doses over a long stretch of time can reduce that dosage gradually after beginning homeopathic treatment, and in some cases insulin can be eliminated altogether, she said.

A person does not have to have diabetes to benefit from homeopathic therapy. If a person is at risk of getting diabetes, this type of treatment can have powerful effects when it comes to reversing or postponing the effects of the disease. Along with making appropriate changes to diet and exercise habits, homeopathy can help to keep blood sugar levels in check while counteracting the metabolic disturbances that can lead to the onset of diabetes.


What Can Be Used in the Homeopathic Cure for Diabetes


With homeopathic treatment, attempts are made to stimulate a person’s natural healing characteristics by using substances that act as a trigger for the body’s healing strengths. This opens the door for the possibility of a homeopathic cure for diabetes. In minute doses, the administration of substances that would other wise cause harmful affects in large doses have the potential to treat a disease. According to Dr. Rajesh Shah, attempts at a homeopathic cure for diabetes provide management of symptoms in the process. Although homeopathic remedies can make a significant difference in diabetics, he stresses that diet and exercise should not be neglected when using other treatment measures.

So, what are the substances that provide homeopathic solutions for diabetes? According to information found at, diabetes can be controlled with uranium nitrate because it causes dryness of the mouth and skin and causes sugar in the urine. Phosphoric acid can also be helpful because it increases urination and contains a lot of sugar. Phosphorus, lactic acid and Bryonia are also used when aiming for a homeopathic cure for diabetes. All of these substances are known to increase the symptoms of diabetes in large doses, but with the small amounts that are used to treat patients through homeopathic therapy they can be of great benefit for triggering the body’s immune system to fight off the disease.