Diabetes sterility affects both men and women. The affliction that was once embarrassing to discuss, is now a problem that occurs in a large portion of the population. Some people may become sterile, or unable to conceive a child due to genetics, viruses, or infections, but for Diabetics, the cause may be combination of all three factors. Diabetes Mellitus can be caused a familial disposition to the disease as well as a virus or infection, in the case of Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes is becoming more common and now affects approximately twenty five million people.

Ninety percent of all Diabetics are Type 2 Diabetics, which may have an inherent trait, but is thought to be jump started by lifestyle choices. For instance, as numbers of obesity increase, so do incidences of Diabetes and Diabetes related complications. Experts state that one in three people are overweight or obese and subsequently have poor levels of blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure. All of these levels contribute not only to obesity, but also to Diabetes sterility.


Diabetes Sterility – Women


Diabetes sterility, for women is often a result of developing other conditions, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Women who have PCOS have an imbalance of estrogen and androgen. This syndrome causes a host of abnormal problems, such as acne, facial hair, irregular periods, cysts, and ultimately, infertility. During ovulation, follicles (ovarian sacs that contain eggs) should release at least one egg per menstrual cycle.With this syndrome, the eggs in the follicles do not mature and the follicles do not release them.

Instead, women with PCOS form one or more small cysts on the ovaries that do not resolve with menstruation. In addition, females with multiple cysts on the ovariestypically have thickened uterine walls, which also inhibitan egg from implanting in the uterus. These two reasons, in addition to painful sex decreasing the frequency of intercourse contribute to why PCOS is the leading cause of infertility in women in the United States according to the National Institutes of Health.


Diabetes Sterility – Men


Diabetes sterility for men is an increasing problem as well, but for different reasons. When men have many incidences of high blood sugar because of Diabetes, they can experience infertility and sexual dysfunction.Excess sugar in the blood is highly toxic and blood vessels, organs, and tissues that receive blood are easily damaged. The penis is no exception. Nerve damage and poor circulation to the penis can reduce sensitivity and sexual desire as well as prevent erection and orgasm.Men can also experience low sperm count, decreased motility and reduced sperm concentration. All of these factors can cause a man to be sterile.