A diabetic doctor specialist is a physician that has additional education and training in working specifically with patients with diabetes. You may be asking, “What is a diabetic doctor called and how do I find one?” Let us help answer those questions for you.

A diabetic doctor is called a diabetic endocrinologist or a diabetes specialist. A diabetic specialist doctor can be obtained by a variety of methods.

If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, speak with the diagnosing physician about obtaining a referral to a diabetic doctor specialist. Often times, primary physicians have specialists that they know and like working with. They can refer you to somebody they like. This makes communication between your primary physician and the specialist go more smoothly.

Patients can also contact their insurance companies, nurse lines or insurance referral lines to find a diabetic doctor in their community. Other resources include local pharmacies, the internet, local hospitals, the yellow pages and diabetes support groups.

If you are having foot issues related to diabetes, you may be referred to a diabetic podiatrist for services.


What Role does a Diabetic Foot Doctor Play?


Diabetic podiatrists specialize in helping patients with diabetes maintain good foot health and good circulation. Some diabetic patients have issues with circulation to the feet. In this case, the diabetic doctor specialist may want the patient to see a podiatrist.

Diabetic podiatrists can prescribe doctor specified diabetic footwear. When given a prescription from the doctor, comfort diabetic shoes can be ordered and often times paid for by the insurance. These shoes can be very expensive. However, they are extremely helpful in maintaining good foot health and good circulation. This is imperative to prevent negative long term problems to the feet.

Diabetic circulation issues can lead to amputation if it goes untreated. Thus, it is very important to let your doctor know about any new symptoms and to obtain treatment if the symptoms continue or increase.


What does the Diabetic Doctor Specialist do to Treat Moderate or Severe Diabetes?


Plan your trip to the diabetic doctor. Diabetic patients should take a list of symptoms with them when going to visit the specialist. Also, take a list of all of your medications and supplements with you. The diabetic doctor specialist will also most likely ask to see your blood sugar log, insulin log and food journal. If you exercise or have an activity plan, it is a good idea to log your activity for a week or so prior to your appointment and take that information with you, as well.

Other things that the diabetic specialist doctor might look at are labs, medical records, medical history and family history. Be prepared to answer questions about these topics. It is also a good idea to take a list of questions with you that you want to discuss with the specialist.

The specialist may order additional lab tests. You may also be referred to a sub-specialist such as a dietician, physical therapist, podiatrist or ophthalmologist. It is a good idea to take your calendar with you so you can make the appointments from the specialist’s office. Often times, the nurse will call and get they appointments scheduled for you.

Diabetic endocrinologists can play a major role in helping diabetic patients maintain a wonderful lifestyle. Although it can be scary to receive a new diagnosis of diabetes, or to find out that your diabetes is not being controlled well, remember that these specialists are available to help you!