Finding the best diabetes treatment centers can be difficult. Especially, if you are want to receive the best care. It is important that you find one that fits you and your condition best, but you also want to look into their reputation. According to, the five most respected diabetes treatment centers are:

  1. The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Center – The Mayo Clinic has a reputation of solving tough medical problems. It has been around for over 100 years and has a total of three facilities located in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota.
  2. The Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard University – The Joslin Diabetes Center works with researchers, clinicians, and educators to produce ‘cutting-edge’ clinical care, education strategies, and other discoveries.
  3. The Diabetes Center at University of California, San Francisco Medical Center – This Diabetes center provides a variety of services to help diabetics achieve an independent lifestyle.
  4. The Naomi Berry Diabetes Center at Columbia University Medical Center – This center combines world-class research programs with family-oriented diabetic care.
  5. The Diabetes Metabolic Center at Atlanta Medical Center – This medical center was established as an outpatient treatment program for patients with diabetes. It aims to reduce the dangerous effects of diabetes by a multidisciplinary approach.


Diabetes Treatment Centers of America


Diabetes Treatment Centers of America (DTCA) Foundation is an independent, nonprofit research and education foundation. Its clinics can be located at various locations around the United States. It was created to address funding deficits in areas such as career development, new investigators, and non-physician professionals active in the treatment of diabetes (, 2011).


Advanced Diabetes Treatment Centers


According to, “Advanced Diabetes Treatment Centers are locally owned and operated centers which provide individualized treatment for those diabetics whose diabetes has gotten out of control.” The centers treat both Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes with state of the art therapy which includes an intense type of therapy known as Metabolic Activation Therapy (MAT). In this therapy, the diabetic visit weekly and insulin is given intravenously in a series of 10 doses in a one-hour period. After a brief rest, the process is repeated two more times.

MAT improves cardiac function and kidney function. It also is helpful in neuropathy, digestion problems, and wound healing. The treatment has been known to stop and even reverse common complications of diabetes. MAT is used in conditions where:

  • Glucose levels have gotten out of control
  • Ketoacidosis cases are severe
  • Neuropathy cases are severe
  • Hypoglycemic problems are frequent and severe
  • Renal function is declining
  • Ulcers are non-healing, but non-gangrenous