A diagnosis of diabetes is a difficult time in an individual’s life. Diabetic assistance is available, however, to those who are suffering through this ordeal. The future is full of insecurity; not only must the diabetic worry about everyday life, including all of the factors that are associated with the disease – which medications may be needed, how to treat the disease, what to eat and how to change one’s lifestyle to accompany the revelation – but in addition, the stress of financial security must be considered.

It is possible to make it through the turmoil surrounding a diabetes diagnosis. There is help out there available to those who need it and are willing to ask for it. Pharmaceutical companies, including Bayer, Merck, Pfizer, 3M, and Sanofi-Aventis, to name but a few, have in place assistance programs to help those in need. It is possible to reach out to these companies and explain one’s situation to receive the needed financial assistance. These companies are able to provide not only the monetary compensation, but the sound advice and willingness to listen that an individual diagnosed with diabetes needs during this tumultuous time. Financial assistance for diabetic supplies can be provided, as long as the patient is willing to ask for the help.

Most importantly, the diabetic patient should be unafraid to analyze his or her own situation and determine exactly what will be needed to make their lives as stress-free as possible. Stress reduction is an important factor in maintaining a healthy body and mind, which will improve a diabetic’s disposition in alleviating the discomfort of the disease.


Options in Assistance with Diabetes


Apart from the financial assistance that the aforementioned pharmaceutical companies can provide, there are a number of other helpful measures in place to make the diabetic’s life as easy as possible after a diagnosis. What better companion to have in one’s time of need, for instance, than a dog who is able to alert its owner exactly when the owner needs to take any necessary medications? Assistance Dogs International has in place systems that provide these helpful canines to people in need. Apart from being a loving companion during a difficult time, diabetic assistance dogs are able to identify changes in their owners’ body chemistry that determine exactly when their blood glucose levels fall below normal range, at which point they can alert the owner that it is time to act to remedy the situation.

In addition to the diabetic assistance mentioned previously, the individual who has been diagnosed with diabetes has a wealth of options to help move forward without fear. Diabetic test strips are available either free or at low cost, allowing the patient to monitor his or her own glucose levels. There are many places to find coupons to lower the cost of these diabetic test strips. The most important thing for anyone suffering from diabetes to realize is that they are not alone; help is available. Together with the institutions that exist to help them, their lives can be made easier as they move forward through the trying times of being diagnosed with diabetes.