Alternative treatment for diabetes is something many patients seek. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the condition presents itself when there is an imbalance of Qi flows in the body, causing the symptoms of diabetes that include fatigue, blurred vision, lethargy, weight gain, weight loss, frequent urination, excessive thirst, difficulty with wound heeling, increased appetite and infections. With so many problems associated with diabetes, alternative treatment for diabetes has gained popularity.

Acupuncture is most helpful as an alternative treatment for diabetes type 2. Acupuncture treatments for diabetics should typically be long-term and may include one or more sessions per week, depending on the improvement of the condition and how blood sugar levels react. Acupuncture therapy works best for those who are in their first few years of having the disease. Acupuncture for diabetes has also been known to cause additional benefits, such as lowering cholesterol. People who receive this kind of treatment also decrease their chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.

In acupuncture, there are many points on the body that can be targeted to treat diabetes. For example, there is a point on the back, called ‘Yishu’ that is located lateral to thoracic vertebrae 8. Working with this point in acupuncture is said to help control the function of the pancreas and blood glucose levels in those who have diabetes.


 Alternative Treatment for Diabetes includes Chinese Herbal Medicine


Many trust herbal medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Herbs such as cinnamon and many others are often used for alternative treatment for diabetes and are said to help control blood sugar levels. Chinese herbal formulas that are commonly used in alternative treatment for diabetes include Liu Wei Di Huang and Da Bu Yin Wan. Studies also show that adding American ginseng to one’s diet can improve glucose tolerance. Therefore, it is often added to Chinese herbal mixtures and formulas.


Alternative Treatment for Diabetes Formulas Available Online


Some websites, such as, specialize in bringing natural treatments to the world. This includes alternative treatment for diabetes. Vitabase offers at least six different products that help treat diabetes. Their blood sugar formula includes key ingredients such as chromium, biotin, manganese, guggul, bitter melon extract, banaba, gymnema sylvestre, juniper berries, huckleberry and taurine. These ingredients are all believed to help lower blood sugar levels. As previously discussed, cinnamon can provide a powerful alternative treatment for diabetes. Vitabase makes it available in capsule form.

A glucose support liquid is also available on the site. It includes many of the ingredients that are in the Blood Sugar Formula but also includes astragalus root, fenugreek and cinnamon bark. They also sale 100-count bottles of chromium supplements, which is another essential nutrient that most diabetics lack.

Diabetic Multiple Diabetes Formula 90 is another product on the market for the alternative treatment of diabetes. It includes a mixture of vitamins known to help with diabetes, including vitamins A, C and E. It also contains selenium, alpha lipoic acid, folic acid, chromium picolinate, bitter melon and gymnema sylvestris.