Believe it or not, there may actually be an herbal cure for diabetes. Finding an herbal cure for diabetes primarily depends on the type of diabetes you suffer from and the severity of the condition. It is important to have a strong grasp of your diagnosis before seeking a natural treatment. Herbal cure for diabetes possibilities depend largely on the reason you suffer from the condition.

Type II diabetes is often times referred to as adult onset or insulin resistant diabetes. With this type of diabetes, people produce the insulin necessary to metabolize sugar, but their body is unable to utilize it properly. Thus, the sugar is not properly metabolized. This leads to high blood sugar. If this condition is not controlled properly it can have devastating affects. People with type II diabetes often times have great success with natural or herbal treatments. In many cases, people with type II are able to find an herbal cure for diabetes.

Type I diabetes is also referred to as juvenile onset or insulin dependant. Type I diabetics do not produce enough insulin to metabolize the sugar consumed in the foods that are eaten. In this case, the pancreas just does not produce enough insulin to properly utilize sugar. The affect is high blood sugar levels. Again, this can have devastating affects on the body if not controlled properly. There are a couple of different herbs that have been shown to help with this type of diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is a condition that occurs in pregnant women. This condition is tested for and diagnosed at around 24 week’s gestation. This condition can by sub-classified as type I, type II or a combination of both. There are many herbs that have been known to help with gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes can have affects on both mommy and baby. Thus, effective control is essential for the health of two people. The cure for this condition is child birth.


How to Find the Herbal Diabetes Cure for You?


There are a multitude of natural herbs and supplements that naturally lower blood sugar and help the body metabolize sugars more efficiently. Some of these natural supplements include Magnesium (mineral), Chromium (mineral), Onion (vegetable), Garlic (vegetable), Gymnema Sylvestre (herb), Bitter Melon (herb), Prickly Pear Cactus (herb), and Fenugreek (herb).

Studies have shown that there is an herb that can actually rebuild beta cells in the pancreas. This could be an important step in finding a lasting cure for diabetes, particularly type I. explains that this herb called pterocarpus marsupium makes a crude alcohol extract and a flavonoid called epicatechin.  Unlike any other substance on the planet, epicatechin can actually “regenerate functional pancreatic beta cells.”

Studies show that a byproduct contained in blueberry leaves has similar properties to that of insulin. When this is injected into the body it works much as insulin would, without the toxic side effects found with insulin. It is said that one dose can have great effects on the body for many weeks.

If you suffer from diabetic retinopathy and are searching for a cure for this condition, you might want to try Billberry. Diabetic neuropathy sufferers might want to consider using Ginko Biloba, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA is found in evening primrose oil), or alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) to decrease nerve pain and increase nerve function.


Natural Treatment: Herbal Cure for Diabetes Possibilities


As you can see, there are multitudes of possibilities if you are searching for natural herbal treatments or an herbal cure for diabetes. It is important to discuss any and all treatment changes with your physician. Remember, if you are seeing a diabetes specialist they should be very familiar with the possibilities of treatment by supplementation or herbal remedies.

If you are being followed by a physician who is unfamiliar with these possibilities, ask for a referral to see an herbal practitioner, naturopathic physician, diabetes specialist or traditional Chinese medicine physician.

If your physician is unable to give you a referral to a specialist in your area, you might want to visit a site such as or American Holistic Medical Association to find a reputable practitioner in your area. We wish you a life free of illness and disease. Find out the possibilities surrounding an herbal cure for diabetes today! Haven’t you been living with this condition long enough?