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My name is Dr. Gary M. Levin and I'm a retired M.D. and Surgeon in the United States. For more than forty years, I treated thousands of patients in my own private clinic, and  I also acted as instructor and director of the resident doctors at a facility at  Loma Linda Univ School of Medicine.

I received my M.D. award in 1968 from George Washington University School of Medicine. I also have an award in Endocrinology for originally working on side effects and complications of Oral Contraceptives.

My post-graduate medical education continued at Henry Ford Hospital, the University of California in San Diego, and the Albany Medical Center.

During my 40 years’ career, I worked in emergency medicine and general practice. I also worked both academically and professionally with several different employers until 2010. I have been a U.S. Navy LtCDR MC Amphibious Fleet Medical Officer, and President of Tri-County Eye Society, Board of Trustees California Academy of Ophthalmology, Founder and previous Chairman California Eye Political Action Committee. I was also the Chairman of departments of Ophthalmology and Surgery at Riverside Community Hospital. In my private medical practice I specialized in surgical procedures and treated thousands of patients with various diseases. I am also an author of several medical studies and publications.

In my private practice, I treated many patients by conventional allopathic methods. Eventually, I came to believe that healing involves the patient taking some responsibility for his or her own well-being. Even as I made my transition to holistic healthcare, I was not foolish enough to believe people would take that responsibility to heart. It takes effort to confront a patient about their lifestyle. It takes even more effort, and time, to motivate them to consider making relatively simple, conscious changes in their diet and to exercise more.

Yes, it was much less frustrating and easier to consider seeking a chemical solution for them.

Let us be honest for a moment.

I have known the patients that are looking for the doctors with a free pen and those who will not waste their time with a bunch of advice or consultations. They are seeking relief and are not likely, or willing, to take any personal responsibility until they find themselves in a crisis state.

My career was interrupted in 1998 by a heart ailment that required surgical intervention. While recovering in cardiac rehabilitation, I had the unexpected opportunity to work with a colleague who practiced allopathic and alternative medicine. His colleague had trained in oncology, or the treatment of cancer.

This colleague had become discouraged by the conventional treatments being used for many cancer patients, which This usually involved introducing chemicals that acted as cellular poisons and were toxic to normal cells. He was convinced the patient’s overall poor general condition was not taken into account.

He believed there was a complete lack of understanding by treating physicians regarding the role of nutrients and antioxidants in this debilitated population. In other words, he felt a holistic approach was called for that would produce more positive results.

I used this period to re-examine my own nutritional habits. As a direct result, I began my ongoing pathway to good health. Because of this two years’ experience, I became so interested I decided to pursue further study and served a two years’ preceptorship in natural and alternative treatments for diseases.

I have since combined the insight and knowledge I gained from that intense study with my experience in conventional treatments. The practical application of this knowledge has provided me with the ability to make a full recovery from my heart disease and elevated cholesterol. 
This was years ago.

Upon returning to my surgical practice, I found these techniques invaluable in treating my medical and surgical patients.

There was a time I was telling patients to read and do some research on their own but I found out that it is a fact that non-medical people are less likely to make use of the study archives. Even if they go and read them, somehow, they do not fully grasp the information and they make inaccurate conclusions because of the medical talk. However, if they are successful in that too, they do not know how to update their knowledge with recent advancements and research studies. Moreover, they would not know how to find the correct and accurate piece of information easily. Many resources are just misleading.

Since 2007, I have authored articles and monographs on Nutrition and its effects on the aging processes. Also I have put forward several papers of my own as an insider system of natural treatments for a few specific diseases. At first, I did not want to publish them, but realizing that so many people just can’t afford to come to my private clinic (or they live too far away), I have decided (thanks to my wife, I must say…) to publish them in several eBooks online.

As a result, I won several awards for my research and work.

In my clinic, I am requiring EVERY patient to SIGN that they will adopt natural treatment methods. Today this has become a strict policy of my clinic’s medical insurance.

 If you read this, I guess you, too, are looking for some help. You must have heard the saying that "no man cries stinking fish", but I must tell you this: I have put everything I know in my book, years of my own research, combined with medically well-known clinical studies, and 100% of my soul and heart. I have seen my treatment system working on people like you and I know it would totally change your life towards a full recovery and towards a long healthy life, as God intended.

Have a healthy and happy future!

Yours sincerely,


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