Like everything else in today’s world more people are going online to find their diabetes supplies. It isn’t hard to find a diabetes store online. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of places to buy diabetic supplies on the internet at an online store. Diabetes store sites have popped up everywhere. Before you decide to use one, what are some of the advantages as opposed to going to the pharmacy or local big box store to get your diabetic supplies?


The Diabetes Store Online Vs. Your Local Brick and Mortar Storefront


  • Convenience – The first and most obvious advantage to using an online diabetes store is convenience. Especially for elderly or otherwise physically impaired diabetic patients, this can be the only reason you need. There is no doubt that it is easier, assuming you have internet access and basic computer skills, to order almost anything from the comfort of home than it is to leave the house to get the same thing. No need to worry about weather, transportation, or other things associated with having to leave home. This can’t be stressed enough for patients that are disabled or for patients who don’t have a car or can no longer drive.
  • Selection – Almost without exception, the selection and sheer number of choices you’ll have online will dwarf the coices at almost any single local store. Instead of having two or three different meter and test strip alternatives, a well stocked online diabetes store will offer every brand available, or almost every brand. The same goes for all your other supplies like lancets, solutions, and even accessories.
  • Price – This area is somewhat debatable. There are often times you can get the same supply or test equipment for a lesser price at your local store, especially with coupons. And if you have to pay for shipping, the online diabetes store is not always the least expensive choice. Be sure to comparison shop if price is the main reason you’re considering using an online diabetes store. The more well known stores like the Bayer diabetes store may offer what looks like discount prices, but a quick check around will find prices 20 – 30% less at other stores or at the local big box retail store like Walmart.


Are There Disadvantages to an Online Diabetes Store


There are disadvantages to using an online diabetes store as well. Quality control and customer support come to mind. No matter how fancy the website may look, an online diabetes store may, in fact, just be operated out of a garage or basement. While this isn’t necessarily bad, quality control is sometimes compromised. You need to be concerned about storage conditions, temperatures, and expiration dates. Make sure the customer support is good in case you have a problem with your order. Reading reviews is a good indication of other people’s experiences, as long as the reviews are real.

The biggest inconvenience is shipping. Not only does this usually add significantly to your online diabetes store purchase, but if you need the item now, you’ll need to go to a local retail outlet. And if you need an item in a hurry, overnight or rush shipping will usually wipe out any savings you may have discovered. So research any diabetes store you intend to use regularly, whether online or local. The choice is yours. More and more patients in need of items from a diabetes store are choosing to buy them online.