Diabetes rehab is an educational treatment process that helps people to understand and manage their diabetes. Diabetes rehab programs are design for people with diabetes and are usually offered by certified diabetes educators. These programs normally offer a supervised exercise and the instructors may provide information about diabetes management and the risks of complications.

If nothing else, joining a diabetes rehab program will help you keep an active role in your treatment and keep you motivated to manage your diabetes correctly. Physical activity, like that which is offered in these programs, changes the way that your body reacts to insulin. Routine exercise decreases cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Although the benefits can be outstanding, you must consult with your doctor before entering a program such as this. If you have had in complications such as coronary artery disease and heart disease, it may not be good for you to join an exercise program. Eye conditions or obesity could also increase your risk of injury. Getting blisters and sores on your feet may also be a concern.


Diabetes Programs


In many cases insurance will pay for an annual visit, but you should check with your provider before making any lasting plans. Some diabetes rehab centers even post a training program online with an online health coach. There are many diabetes rehab programs out there. It is just a matter of finding one in your area which will match your particular needs.

The following are diabetes rehab centers you may want to look into:

Rehabilitation Systems – This diabetes rehab program has a growing network of clinics throughout the United States.

Brooksville Regional Hospital – Located in Brooksville, Florida, this hospital offers on-site rehabilitation for many conditions including diabetes.

River Manor Care Center, Inc. – This center is located in Brooklyn, NY. It is a nursing home that also provides rehabilitation programs.

Lancaster General Health – This diabetes rehab program is designed to help individuals retain a healthy, active lifestyle. The program is 12 weeks long and classes are held for an hour a day one a week. This diabetes rehab is located in Lancaster, PA.

If none of the centers listed above fit your needs, you can contact the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and they will help you to find a local rehab center or other types of local support. They also can provide you with an array of information concerning diabetes.