In order to reduce insulin resistance it is important to understand the condition and what causes it. Insulin resistance is a form of diabetes mellitus known as type II diabetes.

Type II diabetes is caused when the fat and muscle cells in the body become resistant to the insulin hormone. The insulin hormone helps the cells in the body to absorb and utilize blood sugar properly. The cells use blood glucose as energy throughout the day. If the cells are resistant to insulin, the body is unable to absorb glucose to use it for energy.

If type II diabetes goes untreated the affects can be devastating. Untreated diabetes can lead to organ damage, skin damage, chronic disease, neuropathy, amputation, blindness, deafness, and even death. If you have been diagnosed with type II diabetes, it is important to learn how to reduce insulin resistance.

There are several ways to reduce insulin resistance. There are oral medications to help with this. There are also natural ways to reduce resistance including exercise, herbs, vitamins, minerals, weight loss, and certain foods.


Foods That Reduce Insulin Resistance


People with insulin resistance should eat a diet that is low in sugar and low in processed foods. It is important to consume natural foods with a low glycemic index. Many foods list the glycemic index on the package. The best types of foods to consume to help reduce insulin resistance are organic natural foods that are low in natural sugars.

Some examples of these foods include lean meats and proteins, natural vegetables, and fruits that are naturally lower in sugar, such as berries. It is also good to consume whole grains that do not have added sugar or sweeteners. Whole grains that are high in fiber are best.

The body is able to absorb the nutrients from natural and organic foods the best. These types of foods can naturally lead to reducing insulin resistance. These foods are also higher in nutrients and lower in calories, which can lead to natural weight reduction. Weight reduction helps decrease insulin resistance, as well.


Reduce Insulin Resistance With Simple Changes


Diet changes are important for controlling type II diabetes. It is also important to add regular moderate exercise to your weekly regimen. This can include aerobic exercise at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes. It is also important to add some resistance exercises a couple times per week.

It is also possible to treat insulin resistance with herbal supplements. Consult a specialist before adding any supplements or medications to your treatment plan. Your physician will discuss insulin resistance with you in more detail. Follow your treatment plan. If you would like to try an alternate treatment plan, ask for a referral to a specialist before making any changes to your current treatment plan.