Doctors prescribe a variety of medications to patients who have been diagnosed with insulin resistance, but some seek out natural treatment for insulin resistance. Some even take medication in conjunction with alternative treatments. Understanding what insulin resistance, or IR, is can be key to reversing its potentially devastating effects. Many people wonder what causes insulin resistance. Developing IR is partly genetic, but it also has a lot to do with a person’s lifestyle. Eating fatty foods and excess amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates cause fat particles to appear in the body’s cells. A person is considered to be insulin resistant when their body does not respond correctly to a hormone called insulin that is used to metabolize food. IR is related to obesity, type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypertension, liver disease, cardiovascular problems and metabolic syndrome. Besides physical problems, insulin resistance can cause physiological effects such as depression and sleep problems.All of these complications have made researching natural treatment for insulin resistance popular through the years.

Chinese medicine is one of the most popular methods for the natural treatment of insulin resistance.Acupuncture is a branch of alternative medicine that is said to promote the body’s natural healing properties. Acupuncture is accomplished by inserting needles into certain parts of a person’s skin while applying heat or electrical stimulation. According to the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, energy channels circulate throughout the body in regular patterns and can sometimes become blocked. To get a better understanding, imagine a river that becomes dammed. Acupuncture helps to redirect this energy, ultimately correcting the body’s internal organs to function properly.

Herbs are another natural treatment for insulin resistance. Cinnamon is among the most popular herbs used to treat the condition because studies have shown its ability to reduce blood sugar levels and promote the body’s natural production of insulin. Other herbs used to help in the regulation of blood sugar (and therefore insulin resistance) include bitter melon, gymnemasylvestre, onions, garlic, Asian ginseng, blueberry leaf, fenugreek, gingko biloba, kino and bilberry.

Making better lifestyle choices is the most essential natural treatment for insulin resistance. Making appropriate changes in diet and developing an effective exercise routine are important. Those who have been diagnosed with IR or feel they may be at risk of developing it should steer clear of fatty foods or products that are rich in sugar. If a person is overweight, losing body fat will help to control insulin resistance. When it comes to exercise, getting 30 minutes of light aerobic activity each day can make a significant difference. This can mean taking a brisk walk. Also, yoga is thought to be a practical and effective natural treatment for insulin resistance.