Acupuncture insulin resistance is speculated to help to keep blood sugar levels under control. Diabetes is a disease that causes problems with the way the body metabolizes food. When people consume food for fuel, the pancreas is responsible for producing an essential hormone called insulin that moves glucose from the blood and into the cells. For people with diabetes, however, the pancreas does not function as it should because it produces little or no insulin. In other cases, the cells in the body do not respond the way they are supposed to when insulin is released. When either scenario takes place, glucose builds up in the blood, causing a high and unhealthy blood sugar level. These dangerous spikes in blood glucose (also referred to as hyperglycemia) can have a negative impact on a person’s overall health. Reoccurring hyperglycemia can lead to nerve damage, eye problems, kidney disease, heart issues and more. Acupuncture insulin resistance is one method patients have turned to as a means of decreasing their chances of experiencing the negative effects of diabetes.

According to MedicineNet, an online resource that brings doctors’ knowledge to the public, insulin resistance (IR) is a physiological state that occurs when cells in the body become resistant to the effects of insulin. When this happens, higher levels of insulin are needed to be effective in the body. For a diabetic person, this can pose a huge threat to a person’s health and wellbeing. But acupuncture insulin resistance may help to reverse this problem.

Insulin Resistance can be the result of several different factors. Obesity, pregnancy, stress, infection, illness and steroid use have all been linked to IR. When a person experiences insulin resistance, it can be an indication that they may be close to developing type 2 diabetes. The body’s condition preceding diabetes is sometimes called “pre-diabetes,” a disorder that is reversible with diet and exercise changes. Acupuncture insulin resistance may also help.

Registered Herbalist Karen Vaughan offers strategies for combating insulin resistance and diabetes on her health and natural healing blog. According to Vaughan, acupuncture therapy can reduce blood sugar levels during the session. Since stress is a major contributing factor to the onset of insulin resistance, acupuncture can be helpful since it has the potential to reduce stress levels and halt the production of the cortisol hormone that is known to cause abdominal obesity. Although she is a supporter of acupuncture as a solution for insulin resistance, Vaughan acknowledges that there is no substitute implementing healthier eating habits and exercise routines. Taking supplements and medications is also essential for maintaining diabetes.

Besides insulin resistance, acupuncture is thought to help with other diabetic problems as well. Acupuncture treatment can improve metabolism and be effective for treating peripheral neuritis and diabetic pain. Scientific evidence also suggests that acupuncture insulin resistance may relieve excessive thirst and urination, symptoms commonly associated with diabetes. It can also be beneficial for keep a person’s appetite in check, which will ultimately help keep the complications associated with diabetes under control.