When health issues arise, people often want to know what kind of organic approaches they can take to get better. There are several natural cures for insulin resistance that studies have proven to be effective through the years. When insulin resistance, or IR, occurs in a patient, the medical community often refers to it as a state of pre-diabetes. That’s because when a person’s cells become resistant to the essential hormone  calledinsulin, they are at an elevated risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. The good news is that pre-diabetes is a reversible condition that often can be achieved through natural cures for insulin resistance. There is no cure for type 2 diabetes once it develops, so getting IR under control is very important for patients who have the disorder.

How does a person know when they should seek out natural cures for insulin resistance? There are several signs and symptoms that indicate the condition may be present. The most common of these is abdominal obesity. This happens when fat accumulates around the waist, giving a person an “apple” shape. Abdominal obesity is much more dangerous than having fat on other parts of the body, such as the thighs. Other key signs of insulin resistance include elevated cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. According to information provided by MedicineNet, a doctor can diagnose insulin resistance in a patient by conducting a couple of sophisticated tests, such as euglycemic insulin clamping or intravenous tolerance testing. However, these methods are expensive. More commonly, a doctor will test a patient’s fasting insulin and glucose levels to determine if they are insulin resistant. The results of these tests commonly lead to further testing.

If it is present, there are a few significant natural cures for insulin resistance that can help to get the condition under control. The first thing a person should do after being diagnosed with IR is implement appropriate changes to their diet. Doctors and nutritionists can assist with helping a patient to choose the right foods. Developing a regular exercise routine is another one of the most helpful natural cures for insulin resistance. Doing moderate aerobic exercise — such as taking a brisk, 30-minute walk each day — can make a world of difference when it comes to fighting against IR. Yoga is among the most popular exercise choices for those aiming to reverse insulin resistance in their body. Because stress is a common factor when it comes to insulin resistance, yoga has been proven to calm people’s nerves and put them in a more peaceful state of mind. As a result, the effects of insulin resistance can be improved. Acupuncture therapy is another one of the natural cures for insulin resistance. Studies show that implementing certain herbs into one’s diet (such as cinnamon, fenugreek, gynema and bitter melon) can reverse IR symptoms. When applicable, discontinuing tobacco and steroid use is a must for getting insulin resistance under control in an individual.