Insulin resistance and exercise can actually help decrease the problem with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a form of diabetes mellitus. The actual name of insulin resistance is type II diabetes mellitus.

Insulin resistance occurs when the fat and muscles cells in the body become resistant to the insulin hormone. The insulin hormone helps the cells absorb and metabolize blood glucose. When the body becomes resistant to insulin blood glucose levels rise tremendously. Kidneys then have to work very hard to filter the excess glucose out of the blood. This process damages the kidneys, organs and cells in the body. Exercise can actually help decrease insulin resistance.


Best Exercise For Insulin Resistance


Any type of exercise can help reduce insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone and when hormones become imbalanced in the body resistance can occur. Exercise helps in a couple different ways.

Exercise helps the body release other hormones which helps bring hormone levels back into balance. This allows the cells to utilize hormones effectively. Exercise can also help decrease the amount of fat in the body. Excess body fat leads to insulin resistance because of the hormones that fat cells release. Exercise also allows the body to burn calories, which includes glucose. This also helps balance things inside the body.

It is important to implement and stick to a regular exercise program. Moderate aerobic exercise supplemented with strength training is best for fighting insulin resistance. Your doctor will recommend a good exercise program for you. Most of the time, the minimum recommendations are exercising 30 minutes per day, three to four times per week.


Exercise And Insulin Resistance: Lifestyle Changes


Lifestyle changes are necessary to control, treat, and even cure type II diabetes. Insulin resistance and exercise can help with the treatment of diabetes.

Type II diabetes is typically treated with a diabetic diet, food journaling, regular monitoring and logging of blood sugar, a regular exercise program, and sometimes medication.

Many people who suffer from insulin resistance have a weight problem. Losing weight can help cure insulin resistance. Regular moderate exercise can help with weight reduction.

In severe instances, gastric bypass surgery may be recommended to help control insulin resistance. This recommendation is usually made for people who are morbidly obese and unable to control their type II diabetes.

There are also many herbal and natural treatments to help with insulin resistance. If you are interested in making changes to your treatment plan, consult your physician first.