If you are looking to cure syndrome x, it is important to understand the condition and know what causes it. Syndrome x, also known as metabolic syndrome or metabolic syndrome x, is a condition that is diagnosed when somebody suffers from more than one lifestyle type illness at the same time.

There is specific criteria that needs to be met to be diagnosed with syndrome x. Based on information from the International Diabetes Association, people with syndrome x have been diagnosed with obesity, defined as a BMI greater than 30, plus two of the following conditions.

  • Type 2 diabetes diagnosis
  • Good cholesterol (HDL) readings <50 for women and <40 for men
  • Fasting blood glucose > 100
  • Triglyceride readings >150


It is possible to cure syndrome x by making lifestyle changes to reverse the causes of this condition. It is important to follow your physician’s recommendations regarding treatment. There are several natural treatments and medical treatments for this condition.


Cure Syndrome X Naturally


Lifestyle changes are necessary to combat and cure syndrome x naturally. It will be necessary to consume a healthy diet that is low in sugar. You will also want to avoid processed foods. The best types of foods to consume are natural, organic, locally grown options. You should avoid unhealthy fast food options and foods that come in a box. Try shopping around the outside of the grocery aisles. If you do the majority of your shopping around the outsides of the aisles, you will avoid purchasing as much packaged, processed, and boxed foods. These areas of the grocery stores carry the natural, unprocessed foods, produce and meats.

Exercise is also recommended to resolve the conditions that cause syndrome x. In order to combat syndrome x, you will need to lose weight and get your BMI under 30. Exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet can help you do this. You can add movement to your daily routine easily by taking the steps instead of the elevator and walking more during the day. You can begin adding exercise at a rate of 30 minutes 3 times per week, and work up from there. Start simply by walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes on your exercise days.


Cure Syndrome X With Medical Treatment


If you are having difficulty treating your condition with lifestyle changes alone, it may be necessary to take oral medications to control the conditions related to syndrome x. Your physician will prescribe the necessary medications to control your illnesses. As you continue to make lifestyle changes, you may be able to decrease or stop taking the oral medications. Make sure you consult with your physician before changing or discontinuing your treatment plan.