There are a number of reasons for diabetic itching. According to, some of the major reasons for diabetic itching are:

Dry skin – Poor circulation could cause you to have dry skin, which can in turn lead to diabetic itching. You can counter this by limiting the number of baths you take, using a mild moisturizing cream, or applying skin cream after a bath or shower.

Fungal infections – Diabetics are prone to developing a number of infections due to a lowered immunity caused by the disease. The most common type of fungus infection related to diabetes is caused by the candida albicans fungus, which causes rashes, tiny blisters, and scales in moist areas of the body such as the genital area, under the breasts or armpits, around the nails, or between fingers, and toes. Visiting your doctor is the best remedy for this condition.

Necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum (NLD) – This is a common condition in diabetes. NLD is caused by changes in the blood vessels. Symptoms usually begin with a dull red raised area on the skin which gets worse, turning to a shiny scar with a violet-colored border. NLD is causes diabetic itching and can be painful. Consulting a doctor is best when signs of NLD appear.

Eruptive xanthomatosis – This condition is most common among males with type 1 diabetes. It is typically caused by poorly controlled diabetes. Symptoms begin with diabetes itching on the back of the hands, feet, arms, and legs. Yellow pea like bumps surrounded by a red halo may also form. Symptoms usually subside when blood sugar levels become more controlled.

Allergic reactions – Diabetics often take a number of different medications, many of which can lead to diabetic itching. If diabetic itching due to medication is suspected, consult your doctor as soon as possible.


Diabetic Foot Itching


Diabetic foot itching is commonly caused by athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is a fungus which cause itching, redness, and cracking in the skin. This should be a major concern to any diabetic because cracks in the skin due to athlete’s foot, scratching, or even dry skin give a gateway in which germs can enter. In diabetes, if infections are left untreated, serious complications such as amputation can come about. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor and get treatment as soon as possible. This condition, in particular, can usually be remedied by pills and/or creams that are applied to the problem area.


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