Many people are searching for natural and alternative treatments for diabetes. One famous remedy for diabetes is cinnamon. Research has shown that cinnamon lowers blood sugar by decreasing insulin resistance. This diabetes remedy has also been known to reduce cholesterol. People with liver problems should be careful if they turn to this remedy for diabetes, because large amounts of cinnamon have been known to increase liver problems.


Natural Remedy Diabetes


One natural remedy for diabetes, listed on, is North American ginseng. In studies it has been shown to improve blood sugar control and glycosylated hemoglobin, which is a form of hemoglobin that monitors blood sugar over time. Other natural remedies listed on the website are chromium, magnesium, zinc, and aloe Vera.


Diabetes Home Remedy


Home remedies are sometimes helpful in treating diabetes. lists 32 home remedies on their website. One diabetes home remedy that they list …