Diabetes and smell are related in several ways. Though there is no specific diabetic smell, having this condition can cause some recognizable odors. These odors are produced by your sweat. Smell and diabetes odors can usually be maintained by good hygiene. Use anti-bacterial soap, antiperspirants, and body powders to lessen the amount of sweat and bacteria that you produce, alleviating the smell of diabetes. This article will help you learn about the different smells of diabetes and what they can mean.


Diabetes Sweet Smell


One way that they are related is a sudden change in body odor. This diabetes smell is usually described as a sweet-smelling odor that is almost fruit-like. If diabetes evolves to ketoacidosis, the patient will actually taste sweet. This condition produces and unmistakable pungent odor. Finally, acetone type smells can be produce when diabetics take insulin (Infobarrel.com, 2011).


Diabetes Breath Smell


Another …