A pre diabetic diet is a diet designed for an individual who does not have diabetes yet, but is sure to develop it. An individual can be said to be pre diabetic if his or her blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to qualify for a diabetes diagnosis.

By taking dietary and other interventions, pre-diabetes patients can help prevent their progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes. However, it should be noted that pre-diabetes is not just a transitional phase to disease. During pre-diabetes, patients start to experience damage to their organ systems, including their circulatory systems. Such damage is often long-term damage. Thus, patients who are found to be pre diabetic by their doctors should realize that theirs is a grave condition and that they should devote serious attention to it.

Pre diabetic patients are fortunate in that taking basic steps to modify their diets and to increase their activity level can help them to keep Type 2 diabetes at bay. The pre diabetic diet is the best intervention for these patients to take. This diet for pre diabetic patients is not difficult to devise.


Pre Diabetic Diet Recommendations


For those who are taking the pre diabetic diet for the first time, there are certain guidelines to follow. One of them is the recommendation that they should focus on healthier sources of protein such as fish, shellfish, skinless poetry, and lentils. Eggs and some cuts of pork are also recommended. Those who are strict vegetarians should seek medical advice as to the variety of foods that will meet all their protein needs.

As for vegetables, a variety is advisable. The best vegetables to eat are green leafy vegetables (such as spinach and kales) and other non-starchy vegetables such as carrots. Starchy vegetables like potatoes should be avoided because, when cooked in certain ways, they are high glycemic index foods and are sure to raise the blood glucose levels significantly.

A pre diabetic diet should exclude foods that are high in sugar. Thus, soft drinks, candy, ice cream, and baked goods with high sugar content should be removed from the diet. Packaged fruit juices often have added sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. Hence, their consumption should be avoided. It is fine to eat various fresh fruits, but care should be taken to ensure that these are fruits that do not raise the blood glucose levels. An internet search can help to determine which fruits meet this criterion.

If a pre-diabetic patient is able to consume dairy, then he or she should continue to do so, but should stick to low fat milk, yoghurt and cheese. Flavored milk must be avoided as must other flavored and highly processed dairy products. Those who can’t consume dairy must eat other healthy sources of calcium.


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