One of the reasons why people avoid preparing their own food is that they imagine it is a difficult task. Easy diabetic recipes prove that food preparation is not rocket science. Any kitchen novice can learn to prepare some delicious meals and desserts without undue exertion by following easy diabetic recipes.


Easy Diabetic Dessert Recipes


Given a selection of easy diabetic desserts, recipes such as the one for homemade vanilla ice-cream are popular. The reasons for this are obvious: lovers of dairy products almost always appreciate delicious milk-rich desserts. Furthermore, this recipe is ridiculously easy to follow if one has an ice-cream maker.

For this “king” of easy diabetic recipes, a few basic ingredients are needed: three eggs, one tablespoon of vanilla essence, one and a half cups of whole milk, two tablespoons of a sugar substitute, and a thirteen ounce can of evaporated milk. The first step in this recipe involves dissolving the sugar substitute in the evaporated milk by mixing them together thoroughly. Next, the vanilla essence and whole milk should be added to this mixture. Subsequently, the eggs should be added to the mixture and beaten into it. When the consistency of the mixture is even, it should be put into the ice-cream maker and frozen as instructed by the manufacturer. This recipe produces eight servings of delicious, homemade ice-cream.

For the aspiring cook who is diabetic, easy recipes are encouraging. Repeated success in following these recipes encourages the diabetic to continue trying to prepare dishes. For those who are keen on focusing on diabetic dessert recipes, easy recipes often result in the preparation of healthier foods. This is the case where fresh ingredients are used and the preparation techniques involve minimal processing and help to preserve the natural nutritional goodness of the food.

The recipe for Banana Yoghurt Split is among the easy diabetic recipes that fall into this category. The ingredients needed to prepare this dessert include half a banana, an eighth of an ounce of pistachio nuts, one cup of plain, low-fat yoghurt, and two raspberries.

Cut the banana half into diagonal slices, and put these into a small bowl. Sprinkle the pistachio nuts onto the banana slices then pour the cup of yoghurt over the bananas and nuts. Subsequently, top the dessert with the raspberries. Your Banana Yoghurt Split is ready to eat. This dessert serves one. To prepare enough for more people, you can double, triple or multiply the ingredient amounts accordingly.


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