If you are looking for diabetes cookbooks, the internet is your best friend. Various websites with information about living with diabetes have sections devoted to diabetes recipes. They also have literature such as e-books on diabetes and free diabetes cookbooks, which can be downloaded by their visitors.


Guidelines for Using Diabetes Cookbooks


The important thing for diabetics to keep in mind as they peruse through these diabetes cookbooks is that no two diabetic patients are exactly the same. First of all, there are different forms of diabetes. It is entirely possible that a given meal, while fine for patients suffering from one form of diabetes, might be unsuitable for patients suffering from another form of the disease. Secondly, every patient has a unique health profile. Thus, a diabetic’s condition may be complicated by other factors, including other diseases, allergies and intolerances. It is also possible for patients to be under dietary restrictions for medical or cultural/ religious reasons. These are all factors that need to be taken into account by those who depend on diabetes cookbooks for recipe ideas.

There is no reason for alarm, though. All that is necessary on the part of a diabetic who wants to use one of these cookbooks for diabetes is an effort to review recipes to see that they meet the guidelines set by his or her doctor. Sometimes the free diabetic cookbooks given on websites are thinly veiled promotional materials for certain food products. They may or may not be suitable for use by the diabetic. He or she is the one best placed to review the ingredients and determine their suitability for his or her diet and lifestyle.

It wouldn’t hurt for a diabetic to raise questions about such dietary issues during his or her visits to the doctor. It also wouldn’t hurt to speak to a nutritionist who had considerable experience addressing the nutritional needs of diabetics. With an active interest in his or her dietary choices and the guidance of experts, a diabetic can determine which free diabetic cookbooks are most suitable.

One recipe that might be found in cookbooks for diabetes is that for a quick kidney bean salad. The ingredients include one and a half cups of boiled and drained kidney beans, one chopped shallot, two tablespoons of chopped parsley, one diced yellow bell pepper, half a teaspoon of chopped thyme, one chopped lettuce, and two sliced tomatoes. These ingredients should be mixed in a bowl with a quarter of a cup of olive oil. The salad is then ready to serve with toasted whole-wheat buns.


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