Easy diabetes recipes are ideal for those who want to spend minimal time and effort in the kitchen preparing delicious and nutritious fare. The recipe for Grilled Tilapia Sandwiches is just one of many such easy diabetes recipes.


Easy Diabetes Recipes for Yummy Sandwiches


For this sandwich meal for four, you will need a number of ingredients. They include four ounces of tilapia fillets, olive oil, two cups of shredded carrot and cabbage, two teaspoons of lemon juice, two teaspoons of light mayonnaise, and four toasted slices of whole wheat bread.

Begin by rinsing the fillets and laying them to dry on paper towels. Subsequently, coat the fillets lightly on both sides with olive oil. Place the fillets on a grill rack at medium heat and grill them until they flake readily when a fork is inserted. If you are using a charcoal grill, you should leave the fish uncovered during the process. However, if you are using a gas grill, you should keep it closed while you grill the fish. When the fillets are ready, take them off the grill and set them aside.

In a bowl, mix the mayonnaise with the lemon juice and add the shredded carrot and cabbage mixture to it. Cover the bowl tightly and shake it vigorously so that the mayonnaise and lemon juice are evenly distributed throughout the coleslaw. Afterwards, lay the slices of toast on a clean surface and put some coleslaw on each one. Then place a fish fillet on top of each. Your sandwiches are ready to eat. Note that this is an open sandwich. Thus, one slice of toasted bread will suffice for each person.

The above is a simple recipe for diabetics to follow. You can modify it to create additional diabetes recipes. Easy changes to this recipe include substituting the fish fillets with grilled chicken breast and replacing the shredded cabbage and carrot and the mayonnaise with avocado and pear slices. It is also possible to use whole wheat pita or a whole wheat wrap in place of each toasted slice of bread. In every case, attention should be paid to the number of calories and to the amounts of fat and sugar contained in the ingredients. For instance, one should review the ingredients of the whole wheat products for any unwelcome additives. Additionally, one should review his or her doctor’s dietary guidelines before adopting any easy diabetes recipes. One should also make sure that the easy diabetes recipes that he or she chooses to follow will not provoke allergic reactions.


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