Diabetes cookbooks vary so much in theme that just perusing through a list of them can be highly entertaining. Every diabetes cookbook says something about the buyer’s approach to diabetes and to life in general. It also says something about the individual’s sense of adventure or lack thereof.


Any Diabetes Cookbook Can Be the Best Diabetes Cookbook


Consider, for instance, a diabetes cookbook which is focused on the staple foods or comfort foods of a particular culture. Such a cookbook is not geared towards the adventurous spirit. Rather, it is directed more towards individuals who want to eat the good old dishes they grew up on, but want to do so in a way that does not exacerbate their diabetes. In an American setting, such a diabetes cookbook would likely include simple casseroles, pasta dishes, variations on baked potatoes, and vegetables such as carrots, peas and sweet corn.

The dishes would use less oil or fat in their preparation than would the typical American dishes. For instance, they would likely be baked or steamed rather than fried. Furthermore, vegetable oils like olive oil would be used in place of fats like butter, ghee and shortening. In addition, for grain-based foods, whole grains rather than refined grains would be the focus of the recipes.

The diabetes cookbook that focused on international cuisine would be apt for the more adventurous. Such a cookbook would include a range of recipes and ingredients that the diabetic would likely never have heard of before. However, by virtue of its international outlook, it would likely have a wide range of options for healthy and tasty eating. Regular cuisines from industrialized nations tend to be on the unhealthy side while those from less developed nations tend to incorporate fresher, more wholesome, organic ingredients. Thus, taking the adventurous route and cooking recipes from an international diabetes cookbook would be an advisable thing to do.

Those who chose to buy diabetic cookbooks focused on halal cuisine or on kosher cuisine would likely be Muslim or Jewish. Thus, one would be able to surmise from their cookbook purchases that these were likely devout individuals who took the teachings of their respective religions seriously.

A reversing diabetes cookbook, would not be out of the question. Such a cookbook would claim that the individuals who followed its recipes and guidelines would be likely to check the progression of their diabetes, and even to reverse it completely. This is not a myth. Some individuals are, in fact, able to bring their diabetes under control by losing weight through exercise and by dramatically modifying their diets to suit their conditions. However, it must be noted that not all forms of diabetes are reversible in this way. Such a cookbook would appeal most to those who were receptive to alternative medicine.


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