Free diabetic recipes online and offline generally cater to the needs of diabetics. Not all of them address the needs of diabetics who have other conditions that may complicate their diets. For instance, some women with diabetes are actually experiencing gestational diabetes. This form of diabetes is directly related to the bodily changes they experience as a result of their pregnancies. Free diabetic recipes for these women have to take into account the fact that, being pregnant, they cannot eat certain foods. Additionally, the free diabetic recipes have to accommodate the increase in certain nutrition needs that typically accompanies pregnancy.

Another condition that would complicate the diet of a diabetic is Celiac disease. For diabetics who also have Celiac disease, it is imperative to find gluten free diabetic recipes. Because eating wheat, rye, and barley-based foods is not an option, they have to rely on other dietary sources of carbohydrates, for instance rice, millet, and sorghum. These sources of carbohydrates have to have low glycemic indices to keep them from raising the diabetics’ blood glucose levels too high.


Diabetic Gluten Free Recipes


An excellent gluten free diabetic recipe is one for a dish of brown rice with grilled chicken salad. The rice has to be brown because high-fiber, whole-grain rice has a low glycemic index. The chicken is grilled rather than fried because this minimizes the fat content of the dish. For this particular recipe, some of the ingredients are already prepared. These include the quarter cup of brown rice, which should be cooked already, and one pound of grilled, shredded chicken. You also need one teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of soy sauce, one teaspoon of lemon juice, half a cup of shredded cabbage and half a cup of chopped bell peppers. Additionally, you need four small lettuce leaves and half a cup of chopped cauliflower.

Mix the lemon juice and soy sauce together and set them to the side. Next, lightly sautée the cabbage, cauliflower and peppers in olive oil for five minutes, then take them off the burner. To the lightly roasted vegetables, add the lemon juice and soy mixture, the leaves of lettuce, and the pieces of grilled chicken. Mix them well together. Transfer the cooked brown rice to a plate and add to this bed of rice the chicken salad mixture. The dish is ready to be served. You can modify this healthy meal by incorporating other vegetables or by adding salt or pepper according to your taste.


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