If you are looking for ideas for diabetic desserts, recipes from a variety of sources may suit your needs perfectly. You can find such recipes for diabetic desserts on numerous internet sites. Recipes for diabetic patients should, ideally be low in sugar content, low in saturated fat content, and low in calories. There are plenty of recipes of this type listed on websites and in recipe books for diabetic desserts. Recipes listed on these sites and books may not be suitable for all diabetic patients, though. There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to managing diabetes. Hence, it is important for patients to learn as much as they can about their diabetes, and to talk to their doctors to determine what foods are permissible for their specific cases of diabetes.

There are plenty of simple summer desserts for diabetic patients. The Apple Cherry Jelly is among these diabetic desserts. Recipes for this dessert may vary, depending on different people’s preferences. One of the most basic ones follows below.


Easy Diabetic Desserts- Apple Cherry Jelly


The ingredients for the jelly include one cup of boiling water, one package of cherry-flavored, sugar-free gelatin dry mix, one cup of sweet, halved cherries, three quarters of a cup of cold water, and one cored and finely-chopped apple. The ingredients also include a third of a cup of chopped celery, and a quarter of a cup of chopped walnuts.

The first step in this recipe entails dissolving the gelatin dry mix in the boiling water. To this solution, add the cold water and cherries, stirring consistently for up to two minutes. If the cherries are frozen, then stir the mixture until they thaw. Subsequently, put the bowl into the fridge and leave it there for three quarters of an hour. Then remove it from the fridge and return it to your working surface. You will notice that the mixture has the texture of raw egg whites.

Add the walnuts, chopped celery, and finely chopped apples to the mixture, then pour the mixture into a bowl and refrigerate it for at least six hours. When the six hours are up, the jelly should be firm. It is ready to serve. You may serve it directly from the bowl onto each individual’s fruit salad bowl.

This Apple Cherry Jelly is a refreshing dessert for hot summer days. You can replace the fruits with others, as is the case with many fruit-based diabetic desserts. Recipes of this type can often be improvised easily and successfully. However, care should be taken to ensure that any changes are in line with the recommended diet for diabetics.


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