The new millennium has brought about many changes in medicine. The latest treatments for diabetes demonstrate just how far we have come in just in the past ten or so years. New drugs, new devices, and advances in natural treatments have transformed the way diabetes is managed today. Some of the latest treatments for diabetes are possible because it is being diagnosed earlier, leaving patients even more options on treatments. What are some of them?


Latest Treatments for Diabetes in Medications


Some of the latest treatments for diabetes come from entirely new classes of medicines that didn’t even exist ten or twelve years ago.

  • DDP-4 inhibitors are oral drugs that prevent a natural body compound called GLP-1 from breaking down. This compound helps lower the glucose level in the blood
  • GLP Analogs are Injectable drugs that signal the body to increase insulin production after eating.
  • Injectable hormones help to lower blood sugar after meals for people already using insulin.
  • New types of insulin – like long-lasting formulations that allow for a single injection to last a whole day.


Latest Treatments for Diabetes in Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Pumps


There are now available glucose monitoring insulin pumps. There are glucose monitors that work continuous monitors that use a tiny sensor implanted in the skin. The sensors send information about glucose levels wirelessly to a device that resembles a pager. The sensors are replaced weekly or sooner. They can look at the device and instantly know their current level.

For people using insulin, smaller doses can be administered more precisely. Among the latest treatments for diabetes is a device that will fully automate the process, delivering insulin through a pump in precisely the amount that is needed as determined by the sensor. It would almost be like an artificial pancreas.


Latest Treatments for Diabetes Involving Lifestyle Changes


Studies are started to be seriously done in controlled environments to demonstrate the importance of exercise and diet change. As these results begin to come in, the mainstream, conventional medical community will embrace these latest treatments for diabetes in alternative medicine and they will become more widely used. Food choices will be taught to more patients. Exercise routines will become mainstream and the quality of life for all diabetics will improve. The latest diabetes treatments in alternative and conventional medicine will begin to become one. In some ways, the furure has never looked brighter for the diabetic.


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