If you are looking for a book on diabetes, there are many ways to find the information you are searching for. Whether you are looking for a diabetes diet book, a general book about diabetes, a diabetes cook book, or a diabetes log book, there are many resources available.

Finding a book on diabetes can be a bit overwhelming because there is a vast amount of information available. It can be difficult to determine what type of book you are searching for. There are many great books available on several topics related to diabetes. Here are some great resources to check out when searching for a book on diabetes.


Finding a Book on Diabetes to Fit Your Needs


There are many wonderful resources when searching for information related to diabetes. It is best to determine what type of information you are searching for to narrow down your search. There are several different types of information at your disposable. Some of the options for finding information are web searches to find articles, blogs, and e-books. There are also several websites that sell books in print, e-books, and magazines related to diabetes.

Other options include visiting local books stores to purchase a book on diabetes. You can also visit your local library to borrow books or audio books on diabetes. You might also want to check out various book swapping websites that allow you to post books others might be interested in and trade them for books on diabetes or other topics you are interested in.

There are multitudes of options for finding a book on diabetes. Whether you are looking for free books, cheap books, wholesale books, or retail books, there is no shortage of options.

Here are a few good resources that we recommend for affordable options:

  • Half Price Books (http://www.halfpricebooksonline.com)
  • http://search.half.ebay.com/diabetes (used textbooks and informational books)
  • www.textbooks.com (used books on diabetes available)
  • www.joslin.org (tons of diabetes info from Joslin Diabetes Center, a Harvard affiliate)
  • http://www.mendosa.com/books.htm (great diabetes info and resources)


Obtaining A Diabetes Log Book


If you are searching for a free diabetes log book, a free printable diabetes log book, or even a printable diabetes log book or diabetes logging software to purchase, it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. There are many resources available that provide many different types of diabetes blood sugar log books. There are even applications to track blood glucose readings for Android, tablet PC’s, iPad, and iPhone.

Here are a few great online resources:

  • www.libertymedical .com (specializes in Medicare patients, home delivery)
  • carelogger.com (apps and online logging software, can try for free)
  • www.sidiary.org (apps and online tracking information)
  • http://www.diabeticjournal.com/free_diabetic_log_book.jsp (offers a free log book option)


A diabetes log book can also be obtained by the company that provides your diabetes testing supplies. Many physicians, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies also have diabetes log books available for free or for a nominal fee. Check out these resources to find what you are searching for today!


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