The cinnamon diabetes cure has some effective components to be sure, but nobody should just put away their insulin or abandon current treatment to start a cinnamon diabetes cure without researching the facts a little further. A lot of research has been done on the use of the spice in controlling blood sugar. The results are mixed, with some showing it to be effective to various degrees. None of them showed cinnamon to be harmful, but only one controlled study on humans showed conclusively that a cinnamon diabetes cure alone was effective in lowering blood sugar levels. That study was done in Pakistan and involved 60 patients. Type 2 diabetes patients were given up to 6 grams of the spice daily. After 40 days, their blood sugar levels were reduced by between 18% and 27%. None of these patients had used any of the modern diabetic drugs prior to testing the diabetes cinnamon cure.

Since this test in 2003, others have tried to duplicate the cinnamon diabetes cure test results without success. But the fact that the cinnamon cure for diabetes has shown at least some positive results in most testing indicates that incorporating cinnamon into your daily diet, either as a supplement or in your foods, should be helpful. And if the cinnamon diabetes cure is not a one-stop success for everyone, cinnamon can play an important role in any natural treatment or holistic treatment program you wish to try.


Is There Any Harm in Trying a Cinnamon Diabetes Cure?


Using cinnamon poses harm only if a diabetic currently being successfully treated by other means suddenly stops that treatment to try the cinnamon diabetes cure. Any pre-diabetic or borderline diabetes patient could likely benefit from trying the cinnamon cure. Diabetes may be avoided if this and other natural treatments are used in tandem to try lowering glucose levels.

If you decide to use cinnamon as a treatment component, another dangerous side effect could result if the cinnamon intake is too high. Higher than recommended dosages can thin the blood. Many diabetics are already using medicines that thin the blood, so check with your pharmacist or doctor to be sure. A recommended daily intake amount used that is similar to that used in the successful test of the cinnamon diabetes cure shouldn’t be harmful to most people. That level was between 1 and 6 grams daily. Exceeding this dosage would likely not result in any more positive results and could be harmful

So whether a cinnamon diabetes cure really exists on its own is still questionable, cinnamon can be a helpful component to a well thought out natural treatment program.


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