If you are wondering how to control diabetes in pregnancy, you are not alone. And just the fact that you are wondering how to control diabetes in pregnancy will give both you and your baby the possibility of a better outcome – because you care.


Can I Develop Diabetes during Pregnancy?


In short-yes. It is known as Gestational diabetes and how to control diabetes during pregnancy becomes much more of a challenge for women developing this condition because they have no previous experience in dealing with and managing diabetes so they have to learn quickly. Out of every 100 pregnant women, somewhere between two and ten will develop gestational diabetes. Usually it will go away after the pregnancy, but sometimes it turns into type 2 diabetes either right away or sometimes years later. But during pregnancy, the woman will have to learn how to control diabetes in pregnancy because the health dangers are the same as for someone with pre-existing diabetes.


What are the Health Concerns of Having Diabetes While Pregnant?


Women who develops gestational diabetes and don’t control their blood sugar levels increase the chances of premature birth, preeclampsia, and risk of needing a C-section birth. Learning how to control diabetes in pregnancy is crucial for these women, and they don’t have a lot of time to learn.

With preexisting diabetes of either type, continued high blood sugar can either trigger or make worse the following health problems:

  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • Damage to the nerves
  • Heart disease
  • Eye problems up to and including blindness
  • Miscarriage
  • Preterm birth
  • Stillbirth


What about the Baby’s Health?


The biggest risk to the baby of not learning how to control diabetes in pregnancy is that the baby will grow too large. This increases the likelihood that the child will have life-long obesity problems. Large babies often cause all kinds of problems during delivery. Damage to the shoulders of the baby is common with vaginal delivery of oversized babies. Also, low blood sugar after birth is common, and the risk of developing diabetes increases significantly for the baby.


Let Your Doctor Help You Learn to Control Diabetes in Pregnancy


Monitor your blood sugar regularly and often. Take any medications prescribed on time and without interruption. Take immediate action to get blood sugars back in acceptable ranges if your testing reveals a problem. Follow up with your doctor and ask a lot of questions. This is not the time to try new ideas on how to control diabetes in pregnancy. Stick to what has been working. After delivery, you may want to explore other natural and alternative treatments.


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