The Diabetes Federation of Ireland ( was created in 1967. First registered as a charitable organization called the Irish Diabetic Association, the federation’s mission is to assist individuals with diabetes and work with other organizations to find a cure for the disease. National services provided by the Diabetes Federation of Ireland include a telephone helpline, the magazine Diabetes Ireland, help for parents with diabetic children through support groups and the Sweetpea Kidz Club, child and adolescent activities, health education and conferences, community programs, and negotiated motor and health insurance rates. The Diabetes Federation of Ireland also is an advocacy group and liaison with the HSE and Department of Health and Children, monitoring anti-discrimination activity, providing professional support with the journal Diabetes Professional and the Professional Services Section. The Diabetes Federation of Ireland is headquartered in Dublin and has several national offices. However, their website,, is an international resource, providing basic information and tools for successfully managing and preventing the disease.


How to Navigate


The landing page of contains links to the latest news articles about diabetes, local and national events, and how to sign up as a member. On the top bar is a tab with general information “About Diabetes” explaining the different types of diabetes, what kind of disease it is, the risk factors, and how to prevent it. A separate tab called “Living With Diabetes” has information separated for parents, young adults, teenagers, and kids as well as the type of diabetes. There are also “Life Stories”, FAQ, “Diabetes and Insurance”, “Diabetes Counseling”, and “Cookbook”. The Cookbook has a list of recipes for the meals of the days as well as snacks and desert. The recipes adapt traditional Irish recipes, such as mince pie, for diabetic nutrition and include a separate section of recipes developed in conjunction with the supermarket chain Tesco. Scrolling over each main category in the Living with Diabetes section reveals a separate list of subcategories for easier navigation.


Connecting With


The greatest advantage to is the possibility to connect with the Diabetes Federation of Ireland at all times. Membership begins at 30 Euros for an individual and provides access to the federation’s toll-free telephone number for when personal advice is needed. Membership also gives access to insurance deals and the members’ magazine. A main feature on the Diabetes Federation of Ireland’s website is a calendar of events separated by location. There are support groups for parents, type 1 & 2 patients, fundraising events for the Foundation, and research meetings. All events are open to the public and a description and contact are given for each one.