Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) is an international organization dedicated to type 1 diabetes research and is the largest charitable donor to this cause. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation funds diabetes research pertaining to a cure, treatment, and prevention of type 1 diabetes for all individuals regardless of age. Founded in 1970, the JDRF has donated over one billion dollars to research with over 80% of all expenditures spent directly on research.

A significant amount of work done by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International is advocacy campaigns. Their five core issues are: Special Diabetes Program (SDP), Artificial Pancreas Project (APP), stem cell for research, state issues, and other federal issues. The SDP is a special program created by congress to make funds available for American Indian and Alaskan Indian type 1 diabetes research. The APP was begun by JDRF in 2005 to speed the development of an artificial pancreas in order to address glucose control and prevent diabetes complications. A major part of the APP is urging the Food and Drug Administration to provide guidance for the development of an artificial pancreas. JDRF stem cell research is focused on the exploration of human embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, Induced Pluripotent Stem (IPS) cells, and Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT). Federal Issues Important to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation are funding for the National Institutes of Health, while state specific initiatives pertain to stem cell research, diabetes management in schools, and state income tax refunds.


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk


JDRF walks are fundraising initiatives on the individual level, pairing a healthy, team-building activity with diabetes research. You can search the JDRF website to see if there is an event in your city or state and to sign up to participate. Each participant is given a log-in and a personal page for their donors to visit. The JDRF provides fundraising resources such as letters, ideas, recruitment resources, and tips for family teams. JDRF also has a Kids Walk for schools who would like to participate.


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International – Quality of Life


In addition to its research and advocacy efforts JDRF provides tools to improve the quality of life of diabetics. On their website you can find helpful information for newly diagnosed people, adults, teens, and kids and young adults in school and college. There is also a search engine that allows you to search their article archives for more information and an e-newsletter. JDRF also provides email support for diabetes questions within 48 hours and created Juvenation. A social networking and support platform, Juvenatoin allows type 1 diabetics to participate in forums and meetings.