The Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) has its roots in the work of Dr. Frederick Banting, the inventor of insulin extraction and use for diabetes, and the Diabetic Association of Ontario. Today the Canadian Diabetes Association provides information for diabetics, acts an advocate across Canada, and funds research through grants. The CDA website ( provides helpful information on living with diabetes, following healthy guidelines, nutrition information, and treating diabetes in youth and children. For those who think they may be at risk of type 2 diabetes, individuals can use the site to find a diabetes testing center near them. Individuals who are newly diagnosed can learn more about the disease and use the Healthy Living Series, an interactive guide to diabetes management.

In a series of position statements, the Canadian Diabetes Association outlines how it is participating in the advancement of prevention, treatment, and research of diabetes in Canada.


The Canadian Diabetes Association – Position Statements


Section A of the CDA’s position statements covers the accessability of medications, supplies, and medical devices for diabetics. Currently drugs, supplies, and devices approved as accessible under government drug plans differ across territories, provinces, and federal health systems. The Canadian Diabetes Association aims to ensure that diabetics have timely access in order to avoid complications and further costs. Additionally, the CDA aims to ensure that drug costs should not restrict patient access.

The Canadian Diabetes Association prioritizes diabetes health and education services allowing for patient self-management and a higher quality of life. Individuals rights and privileges such as disability, insurance, employment, school, and care in public places are all part of the CDA agenda to protect diabetics against discrimination. Lastly, the CDA holds the Canadian government accountable to ensure that diabetics, and those with chronic diseases, have equal rights to quality of life in Canada. The CDA is involved in changing public policy, extending the Enhanced Tax Credit to people with diabetes, creating tax incentives for charitable giving, and the creation of an organ donor registry to make available for transplant all organs possible.


The Canadian Diabetes Association


The Canadian Diabetes Research Association, through the Charles H. Best Research Fund, has awarded more than $100 million in research grants to date. Research topics include: biology of diabetes, diabetes in special populations, problems with insulin, diabetes complications, prevention and management, and new treatments. Furthermore, with the University of Western Ontario (UWO) the Canadian Diabetes Association created the CDA Chair in Diabetes Management and the National Diabetes Management Strategy (TNDMS). Creating a fund of $4 million to evaluate the status of diabetes in Canada and create a strategy to address it, improving management and filling gaps in treatment.