The International Diabetes Federation is an independent umbrella organization of over 200 organizations based in 160 countries. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) was founded in 1950 with the mission of diabetes prevention and cure-based research on local and global scales. The goal of the IDF is to actively “influence policy, increase public awareness and encourage health improvement, promote the exchange of high-quality information about diabetes, and provide education for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers.”


International Diabetes Federation – Global Initiatives and Partnerships


The International Diabetes Federation is an associate of the UN’s Department of Public Information and is officially related to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The In 2006 the IDF’s Unite for Diabetes campaign led to the United Nations Resolution on diabetes, Resolution 61/225. The Resolution encourages all UN member nations to sustainably develop resources for the prevention, treatment, and care of diabetes within their health systems, keeping in line with the UN development goals and the Millennium Development Goals. In 2011 the UN adopted the resolution on Non-communicable Diseases during its High-Level Meeting using research gathered by the IDF.

In order to increase its effectiveness globally, the International Diabetes Federation is divided into seven regions: Africa, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, North America and Caribbean, South and Central America, South East Asia, and Western Pacific.


International Diabetes Federation – Activities


The International Diabetes Federation is responsible for several key activities. Every year the IDF produces the IDF Diabetes Atlas in conjunction with World Diabetes Day. In its fifth addition, the atlas provides a global perspective on the growing epidemic of diabetes. Presenting research and statistics, the atlas is a tool for policy makers, media, health care professionals, and others. Within the population living with diabetes, the IDF has found that a disproportionate number are socially disadvantaged with significant diagnosis increases in low- to middle-income countries where national health care systems are unable to address the increased need and economic burden of the disease.

The International Diabetes Federation conference is an event hosted by different IDF member countries. The 2011 congress was held in Dubai with the upcoming 2013 congress will be held in Melbourne. The IDF congresses are an opportunity for professionals to discuss the global challenges of diabetes, best practices, new research, techniques, and policy.

The Bridges Programme (Bringing Research in Diabetes to Global Environments Systems) is designed to translate clinical research to practical application in the prevention of diabetes. The Life of a Child Programme is designed to directly funnel monetary contributions to the building of diabetes centers in developing countries, providing clinical care and education to children.