Diabetes.co.uk is an online diabetes community, self-titled “the global diabetes community”. A forum, news center, and information guide, content is generally generated by users and staff writers. Diabetes.co.uk should not be confused with diabetes.org.uk, the United Kingdom’s largest diabetes charity.

Members of diabetes.co.uk have access to comment on and create new posts. There are topic groups for new members, newly diagnosed, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes, and more. There are less serious topic groups as well such as “Diabetes Soapbox”, that allows people to vent about having diabetes, the state of health care etc. in a peer environment, and “You’re Joking” where members can post jokes, anecdotes, and funny stories.

Signing up for diabetes.co.uk is easy – simply visit the site and agree to the terms of use.


diabetes.co.uk – Diabetes Tools


In addition to their forum, diabetes.co.uk culls together diabetes related information on management, treatment, and prevention. The types of diabetes, common complications, and blood glucose information are all clearly explained. The “Diabetes News” tab displays the most read news stories, the most shared, and a Google powered search box for the websites diabetes news archive, which includes 3,750 individual articles. There is also an option to sign up for diabetes.co.uk’s newsletter that delivers updates, previews, and community news to your email.

Diabetes.co.uk provides extensive diabetes guides on varies aspects of the disease. There is a section for decoding “Diabetes Jargon” (http://www.diabetes.co.uk/diabetes-jargon.html) and a “Diabetes Directory” that provides UK specific and global links for information and resources on diabetes. Other information sections such as “Diabetes and Travel” and “Diabetes and Emotions” give practical advice that more formal medical sites may not provide.

The “Food & Recipes” section of the site has recipes to accommodate specialty diets such as low-carb, vegetarian, and vegan and offers advice on other popular diets such as Atkins and Glycemic Index Diet. Diabetes.co.uk also offer honest advice on drinking alcohol, eating chocolate, and pre-made, packaged “diabetic food”. In addition to the food and drink content, diabetes.co.uk explains proper nutrition and the use of vitamins and supplements.


diabetes.co.uk – Services


A particularly innovative feature of diabetes.co.uk is their free online diabetes system, myLifestyle. MyLifestyle allows you to track your blood glucose levels, blood pressure, weight, BMI, food and carbohydrate logs, doctor’s appointments and more. If you wish to sign up visit: http://www.diabetes.co.uk/myLife/index.html. MyLifestyle is compatible with smart phones and other mobile devices, making it easy to update when on the go. Diabetes.co.uk also offers free insurance quotes for diabetics. Insurance policies include life insurance, travel insurance, and health insurance. The site also has sections for financial advice on credit cards, retirement, and savings accounts.