Most countries have their own independent diabetic association. Among the most well known are the British diabetic association, Diabetes UK, and the American Diabetes Association. Many localities have their own diabetic association, providing support on a local level to individuals and families with diabetes. Diabetic associations are independent and member funded, sometimes receiving corporate sponsorship. Becoming a diabetic association member is an excellent way to engage with other diabetics, receive support, and help fund research.

While many smaller diabetes associations are focused on prevention, treatment, and quality of life, the larger associations include advocacy, policy, and research as part of their mission and goals. The American Diabetes Association, the Canadian Diabetes Association, and Diabetes UK are all global leaders in innovative research.


British Diabetic Association – Diabetes UK


Diabetes UK is Britain’s leading diabetes charity focused on empowering people with diabetes, acting as a policy advocate, while continuing as a daring leader in research. Innovative in their approach, Diabetes UK uses social media and new technology to make diabetes information accessible and easy to use with their interactive website, apps, and phone line.

There is no fixed fee to join Diabetes UK in order to encourage membership. Members receive a subscription to the Diabetes UK magazine Balance and access to the Supporting Members section of the website. More importantly, members are an important part of the British diabetic association, providing invaluable feedback on content, diabetes treatments, and research direction. Professionals can join Diabetes UK with a professional membership, paying £35 a month. Professional members receive discounted fees at Diabetes UK professional conferences, the magazines Diabetes Update and Balance, a £161 discount on the monthly journal Diabetic Medicine, a 25% discount on patient literature, and a monthly professional newsletter.


Diabetic Association Australia


The diabetic association Australia was formed in 1957 as the Diabetic Federation of Australia (DFA) combing the diabetic associations of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania. Now called Diabetes Australia, the diabetic association is the body that works with the federal government and the International Diabetes Federation. Comprised of 12 members (each of which is independent), Diabetes Australia’s goal is to help people affected by diabetes, minimize the impact of diabetes on the Australian community, and fund cure-based research through the Diabetes Australia Research Trust (DART). Membership to Diabetes Australia is handled by state or territory – when you join you become a member of your state’s diabetic association. Membership benefits include: discounts on products, services, travel, health insurance, and footwear, quarterly magazine subscription, lifestyle advice, support groups, and a members webpage. Membership costs $35 a year for an adult and $55 for a family.