The first signs of diabetes in teenage girls may be a yeast infection. Young women naturally have yeast in their system. High blood sugar levels, however, make a perfect environment for the overgrowth of yeast. So, the first sign of diabetes, for young girls in particular, is often yeast infection. This is especially true in cases of type-2 diabetes, when frequent infection and a lower immune system are far more common.

Yeast infections are not the only signs of diabetes in teenage girls. Symptoms of diabetes for young girls may also include increased thirst, increased urination, and increased hunger. Despite this increase in appetite, weight loss often occurs because the cells of the body are starved for energy. In fact, rapid weight loss is often one of the major indicating signs of diabetes in teenage girls.


Emotional Challenges


Being a teenager isn’t easy, even without the challenges of having a chronic disease. It is important to realize that emotions can affect diabetes both directly and indirectly, and that diabetes can affect emotions as well. In fact one of the predominant signs of diabetes in teenage girls is irritability. Poorly controlled blood sugar can cause behavior changes that affect their school, friendships, and family life. It is up to you, as a caretaker, to help them to see though these times and provide guidance.

Teenage girls, in general, are naturally prone to feeling ostracized when they don’t ‘fit in’. Diabetes can really take a toll on a child when it makes them feel different from other kids. Take the time to talk to them without harshness, making them feel confident in their own skin. Getting them together with other girls who have diabetes is another way to make them feel less alone.

If you do not know any other young girls with diabetes, there are support groups for kids with diabetes. These support groups offer a chance for the families of diabetics to meet and share their experience. Plus, kids get to meet other kids with diabetes. Most likely teenager girls will be able to find a close friend or two that they can become close to. Parents also are able to stay connected and discuss issues with each other.  To find a diabetic support group for children in your area, visit Online support groups are available as well.