There’s no question that diabetes is a big factor when it comes to the development of heart disease. Diabetic heart disease is an issue that requires special attention, and for good reason. According to information released by the American Diabetes Association, 68 percent of diabetes related deaths in patients 65 and older was attributed to heart disease in 2004. The chances that a person with diabetes will experience mortality as a result of diabetic heart disease is two to four times higher than people who do not have diabetes. Diabetic heart disease is so common because of the damage that the disease does to the small blood vessels that are found throughout the body.

According to WebMD, diabetics are more likely to develop heart disease at a younger age than the rest of the population. Also, two out of three diabetics die as a result of heart attack and stroke. This can sometimes be attributed to the high blood pressure that is associated with diabetes. There are a few natural ways that are though to lower blood pressure that can lower the risk of diabetic heart disease. lists 13 ways that this can be achieved, many of which are enjoyable. This includes taking power walks, taking deep breaths, consuming potassium-rich foods, paying attention to sodium levels on food labels, eating dark chocolate, taking supplements, drinking small amounts of alcohol, switching to decaf coffee, taking up tea, working a little less, relaxing with music, seeking help for snoring and, last but not least, jumping for joy.

A person with diabetes should get their heart checked by a medical professional regularly in order to detect any heart problems early. Early detection can be key when it comes to diabetic heart disease. Special attention should be paid to heart disease for those who have a family member who has had heart disease. There are a few other precautions people can take to prevent diabetic heart disease from developing. One of the biggest ways to stop the onset of heart disease is to avoid smoking. A person who currently uses tobacco products is encouraged to stop whether they have diabetes or not, but diabetics are especially in danger of experiencing the negative side effects of smoking.

Diet is another huge factor when it comes to diabetic heart disease. The consumption of saturated fat and high levels of cholesterol should be avoided by people who have diabetes because it puts them at a greater risk of experiencing diabetic heart disease. Obesity and a lack of physical exercise are major risk factors for diabetic heart disease. Allowing blood glucose levels to get out of control is also known to contribute to diabetic heart disease. Blood sugar levels can be controlled through diet, exercise and medication.