Diabetes poor circulation is one of the most common things that patients experience. It is also among the most dangerous. It can lead to sores that take a long time to heal, opening them up to a higher chance of experiencing infection. If a wound gets infected due to diabetes poor circulation it may have to be amputate in extreme circumstances. Poor circulation can also cause stroke, heart attacks and heart disease. It is estimated that a third of diabetics who are over 50 years old have a diabetes poor circulation disease called peripheral artery disease.  This condition causes poor circulation in the feet and legs. Diabetes is the most common cause of peripheral vascular disease.

Many people ask themselves this question: “Why does diabetes cause poor circulation?” To sum it up, blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the feet and legs often become hardened and thickened as a result of diabetes. High blood glucose levels are also a factor because arteries often experience a high amount of stress because of the disease, causing them to become less elastic. When this happens, they are unable to carry a sufficient amount of blood to extremities that give them the nutrients and oxygen they need. This poses a very serious health risk to patients.

Atherosclerosis is another condition that is associated with diabetes poor circulation. According to information released by the American Diabetes Association, the disease can cause the chemical makeup of substances in the blood to change. This makes blood vessels narrow, harden or become blocked, resulting in poor leg circulation diabetes.


How To Manage Diabetes Poor Circulation


Hypertension, high cholesterol, genetics and smoking are all factors that contribute to diabetes poor circulation. Although there is not much a person can do about their family history, they can take the steps necessary to lower cholesterol levels and prevent hypertension. Avoiding smoke is one of the best things a person can do when it comes to diabetes and poor circulation. Although cancer and lung disease are two of the major killers when it comes to illnesses obtained through smoking, many smokers die as a result of circulatory conditions. Nicotine and carbon monoxide have a powerful affect on every artery in the body when a person smokes, worsening diabetes poor circulation. However, good circulation and be restored if a person stops smoking. The sooner a smoker stops using tobacco products, the better. Even in a matter of a few days, many people who quit smoking say that they notice their feet and hands do not get cold as much. Especially when exercise is added to the equation, smaller blood vessels will develop and start to compensate for the arteries that have been damaged from smoking.