Diabetics have an increased chance of obtaining a fungal infection. Diabetes fungal infection is most likely to occur on the places of the body that are more susceptible to moisture such as the mouth, below the breasts, armpits and foreskin.. Keeping skin clean and dry, especially in the skin fold areas, is an essential preventative measure when it comes to diabetes fungal infections.

Diabetes and fungal infection go hand in hand. Athlete’s foot is one of the most common diabetes fungal infections. This causes scaly skin between toes and feet. Athlete’s foot is a condition that causes a burning sensation and severe itching on the feet. This is an especially dangerous type of diabetes fungal infection because it can cause open sores on the feet that can lead to ulcers. The skin of a diabetic does not heal as fast as a person without the disease, so infection is more likely to occur in even the most minor foot wounds.

Ringworm is another fungal problem that may be experienced on certain parts of the body, including the scalp. Ringworm causes itchiness, redness and raised skin on the infected portion. It often takes on a circular shape, like a ring.

Diabetes fungal infections often occur under fingernails and toenails. If nails begin to split or change in look and texture, a person may have a fungal infection underneath their nails. Jock itch is another fungal infection commonly experienced by diabetics. This fungus infects the groin, anus and genital areas and cause itchiness and red rashes.

Diabetes and fungal infections should be taken seriously. Keep reading to learn which products can be put to work when fighting off diabetes fungal infections.


Dealing with Diabetes and Fungal Infections


All diabetics should take extra precautions when it comes to skin care. Good skin care maintenance greatly reduces the risk of falling victim to diabetes and fungal infections. Because fungal infections start on the inside of the body and work their way out, they must be treated in the same order. Natural News is a website centered around natural health, living, and it gives a few remedies for diabetes fungal infections. For example, pH Plus is a natural supplement that offers balance of alkalinity and acidity in the body. This can help the body fight off fungal infections. Mega Greens plus MSM is another formula that is made out of organic vegetables. This product also helps the body achieve pH balance.

Nature’s Oil for Nails is another formula listed on the site that aids in the treatment of nail fungus. Tea tree oil and jojoba oil are natural immune stimulants that can help to get rid of diabetes fungal infections that present themselves under the fingernails or toenails.